I am Erin Claudio

I Am A Software Developer Specializing In Building Exceptional Python/Ruby
High-Quality Websites And Applications




Hello! I'm Erin Claudio, a junior developer based in Traverse City, MI who loves building high-quality websites and intuitive web apps with efficient back-Ends. After after a successful career as a builder of Recreation Programs, I made the career switch into software development. I look forward to speaking with you about how I can help you with your programming needs.

Here are a few technologies I've been working with recently:

  • Django
  • HTML & CSS
  • Wordpress


Recently I have Began Contract Projects for Edesign Chicago Where I assist in Maintaining An E-Commerce storefront. Through Keith Kelly and the tccodes learn to code project. I have been building Projects focused in Python, HTML, CSS. These real world experiences have allowed me the opportunity to use a portion of the skillets gained in my previous career i.e.; teamwork, client communication and flexibility.

This is my first project using the GeoDjango sub-framework while implementing geolocation features in a Django application. The project uses a PostgreSQL database with the PostGIS spatial extension to show six shops close to 20fathoms the home of tccodes. This project is hosted in Heroku.

  • GeoDjango     PostgreSQL
  • PostGIS          Heroku
  • Leaflet            QGIS

Sign up, Login, Logout, Password reset function with a surprise this function allows for protected views from non-authenticated users.


  • Django

An application that through an API allows an individual to check the current weather in any city in the world. The tool also has a deletion feature and uses Icons to display current weather.

  • Api Keys
  • Django

A blog tool allowing for Create, Read, Update and deletion The blog will also serve as a record of my learning process and tools and techniques for becoming an improved developer 

A bot created using the Tweepy Python package that allows access to Twitter API. Deployed through Python Anywhere and used as a tool to promote the #learninpublic coding movement.

  • Api Keys
  • Depolyed In Python Anywhere
  • Tweepy

A WordPress site used as a learning project. Traverse City Kids is a site designed to help parents find tips, activities outside of the home and stay at home activities for children of a variety of ages. A project to help my understanding in PHP and Javascript

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